Branding & launching the modern travel agency

When Evan Frank and Henley Vazquez reached out to us to help give form to their new travel start-up, we were excited to jump in … because we love travel.

The core idea that became Fora came from conversations that Evan, an experienced travel executive, and Henley, a rockstar travel agent, had been having - what if we could create a modern, tech-forward platform for travel agents. Essentially, do for travel what Compass did for real estate.

Having worked with Evan previously when he was CEO of Context Travel, we knew that Fora would be an opportunity to create an elevated brand fueling a smart, operationally-savvy company.



Pre-seed start-ups face a unique set of challenges: validating their problem-solution hypotheses, finding the right team to help build the MVP, and raising capital to convert the idea into an operating business all within a year or two of runway. The Fora team was quite busy getting their business off the ground but we kicked our partnership into high gear to get their new brand and website to market quickly and with quality. We landed on a brand that felt elegant, premium, and tech-forward for their well-traveled and digitally literate audience.



After launching the initial site, we evolved the design language to scale the platform in order to:

  • Provide travel advisors with modern digital capabilities to build their personal brand and audience so they can earn income by selling experiences to travelers.
  • Provide travelers with an easy way to discover and build relationships with travel advisors.

Our friends at Shift Lab helped with the platform development and set the foundations for the internal product.