Amp club

Show up, learn, and take action

Amp Club is an idea born of our desire to become more active and engaged NYC residents, with a focus on equity, justice, and the environment. Coming out of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matters that swept the city in 2020, and multiple ongoing and persistent issues that impact our daily lives, we wanted to create a way for the creative communities within we live, work, and spend a large portion of our days to get smarter and get involved in a way that could be fun, creative, and based in joy.


Our focus is local, radiating outward from our places of home and work in Brooklyn - but the issues we are grappling with range in scale. From hard to wrap your arms around, global issues like climate change and inequality to issues that we see and feel every day, including homelessness, rising housing costs, and racism - we wanted to create a collective forum where we can amplify the voices of those folks doing the work day in, day out. And find ways to use our creative talents to support them.



The issues we deal with can get heavy. We want acts of creativity, community, and exploring to be based in a spirit of openness, joy, and togetherness. Created by Hee Je Wi, the Amp Club identity uses a primary color palette and is built from simple elements, signifying a civic notion of both individuality and unity. The core Amp Club mark literally and figuratively aims to provide a sense of uplift.

As an ongoing, evolving project - the application of the Amp Club visual identity and the monthly, thematic event series that take place each has a unique vibe and style. The core system is intentionally simple, and provides opportunities for multiple voices, organizations, and events to partner with and be amplified by the brand.


The spirit of Amp Club is reflected in the visual identity and website. But where Amp Club really comes to life is in the IRL experiences we curate, bringing people together to explore, learn about, and get involved with the city around us. 

Each month, the Amp Club team selects a theme and researches who is working on that issue in the city. We curate material to consume online, events to show up to in real life, and select a few where we attend as a group - open to all - with debriefs that allow people to connect over a meal, with the opportunity to debrief, build relationships, and figure out how to stay engaged going forward.