Rodrigo at 10 - our new look

For over 10 years, Studio Rodrigo has made good things with good people. But we hadn't touched our own brand or website for a while.

We started feeling like the cobbler with busted shoes — so focused on client projects that we forgot to pay attention to our own.

Last year, we embarked on a brand redesign process and did a lot of soul searching. It was time to express how we’ve grown as a studio, the nature of the work we do, and the creative culture we aspire to build.


studio rodrigo 2023: new brand, brand new

Studio Rodrigo is a collective space, a collaborative community that brings a network of multi-faceted designers, communicators, and makers into its fold. 

We're not ruled by one aesthetic or one approach. We embrace nuance. We enjoy the unexpected. We're fans of all things new and interesting.

We take on projects of all sizes and types — from crypto start-ups to social justice journalism; from giant media companies to contemporary art. 

Our new brand expresses the multiplicity and collaborative nature of the studio itself. It's a visual representation of our skills and growing interests. It's malleable. It will change over time. So will we. So will the clients we work with.


a collaborative wordmark

After weeks of internal conversations, we began a collaborative design process with type experts Dalton Maag to refine our base wordmark.

Inspired by Dalton Maag's attention to type, we built a participatory system that allows our designers to add symbol sets over time, changing the brand as the studio grows.

Since RODRIGO only uses 5 letters, the name itself makes modularity simple. Designers only have to create an R, O, D, I, and G for their set. All sets are fed into the script on our website, which randomizes the symbols live. Take a look now — you may not see the same combination for a while.


a fresh web presence

Our new website not only showcases the brand, but the breadth of work we’ve been lucky to pursue over the last decade. 

We’re now able to highlight the incredible clients we’ve partnered with over the years in a more complete way. We can share the story of our portfolio and how it’s come to be. We’re excited to share these projects and continue to build on our areas of interest.

the next 10 years

We have big challenges to face. The world will change. Again. We remain dedicated to collaboration on every level, both as a studio and creative partners. And we'll continue to make good things with good people, growing into the studio we're meant to be. Good things, it turns out, get better with time.