introducing cinema rodrigo

At Studio Rodrigo, we're starting a couple of experiments in culture, community, and civic engagement. Our latest is Cinema Rodrigo, a film club that meets on the first weekend of every month.


We choose the film, buy tickets, then hang out after the screening. Simple as that.  

We're curating an eclectic range of films that folks may or may not have seen before, both new and old, focusing on underrepresented gems and filmmakers we admire. Many lean international and explore politics or culture. 

Take a look at our recent picks.


Gods of Mexico (2022) — March 2023

In this documentary, director Helmut Dosantos follows the resistance to modernization in rural Mexico, where diverse communities of Native Peoples and Afro-descendants fight to preserve their cultural identity.


Yojimbo (1961) — February 2023

In this classic samurai film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa, a ronin and master swordsman (Toshiro Mifune) wanders into a small town where competing crime lords vie for supremacy.

see you at the next screening

Send us a note at if you want to catch a flick with us — and bring your friends! Anyone is welcome to join Cinema Rodrigo, from serious film buffs to fair-weather moviegoers. The more the merrier.